Mobile internet

Jazz Jazba now introduces the first ever Such unlimited internet service with no limits on internet usage. It gives you a chance to live your online life with unlimited chatting on Yahoo! and msn, unlimited social networking on facebook, unlimited tweets on twitter, unlimited browsing and unlimited uploads & downloads.

With a pledge to dedicate ourselves to the task of providing exciting services for our youth, such jazba gives them unlimited freedom in real time.

Such Mobile internet:

  • Unlimited usage with no time limits.
  • Subscribers will only be charged Rs. 9.99 on the day they use the Mobile Internet.
  • Internet charges will be deducted at day end.
  • This offer is only valid for JAZZ & Jazba customers.
  • No taxes apply.

How do I activate my Mobile Internet?

  • Send an SMS to 6006 to activate Mobile Internet.
  • Mobile Internet will be activated after 24 hours.
  • No activation required for existing Mobile Internet subscribers.
  • The activation is free.

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